Official Activatrol Review: New Male Testosterone

Official Activatrol Review: New Male Testosterone
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As a professional review writer, I’m not going to lie, performance enhancement products are my favorite to test. My wife likes them too! Men around the world including myself are always looking for the next natural Viagra or whatever secret mix of ingredients is going to make them a beast in the sheets. With that said, I’m not putting anything into my body before it passes the basic tests.



  1. Who makes it?
  2. What’s in it?
  3. Is it safe to use?

First things first, Activatrol Testosterone came on our radar as we’ve seen it popping up all over the place. Figured it was worth doing a deep dive to see what the hypes about and if it’s legit.

So the whole who makes it, where and is it safe, let’s start there. Activatrol is actually manufactured right here in the USA and by an FDA registered manufacturing plant no less.  Now this is a very positive start. You’ve probably seen the news reports of how many products from the shelves of GNC or Walmart don’t contain what they say on the label, well so have we. I can tell you I’m not putting anything in my body made in an unregulated factory from China.

Next question – what the heck is in Activatrol?

Without going ingredient by ingredient and looking at the studies on each one, it’s impossible to say if it’s going to work so sorry if I bore you but here we go. Activatrol has actually put together a very clever proprietary blend. The main ones to take a look at are:

  1. Tongkat Ali Extract 100:1
  2. Horny Goat Weed Extract

iii.        Nettle Extract

  1. Saw Palmetto Extract
  2. Orchic Substance
  3. Wild Yam Extract

vii.       Sarsparilla

viii.      Calcium Carbonate

  1. Boron Amino Acid Chelate

Our average reader is going to take one look at that list, not know what half the stuff does and and say well is it going to work or is it not? Short answer, we think it’s a great mix of ingredients. Long answer for those who want to know why – I’ll do my best to summarize what they all do high level.

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Tongkat Ali Extract an herb that comes from the Malaysian rain forests. It’s long been used in traditional medicine for a healthy sex drive and supporting good hormone levels

Horny Goat Weed Extract is another one that has long standing roots in traditional medicines. It comes from China and was used to treat knee pain, joint pain, infections, bone loss and more. Since it’s used to increase the body’s blood flow, it’s long been taken to improve men’s sexual performance

Calcium Carbonate – While this one doesn’t have specific studies relating to sexual performance, the benefits of Calcium in the body are widely known. It’s needed for a healthy nervous system a healthy heart and stronger bones. It can also help with muscle cramping which might just come in handy.

Saw Palmetto Extract is extracted from the Saw Palmetto fruit. Probably one you don’t often see at your local grocery store. Studies have shown it is safe to use and it has been put in many supplements to help men retain testosterone levels.  Bottom line is if you can get higher testosterone, you’ll have higher sex drive.

Orchic Substance is a glandular supplement. Not to gross you out here but it’s actually made from cattle testicles and used by men for healthy testicular function.

Wild Yam Extract is a plant extract that has been used in supplements to help with more things that you could imagine. Literally everything from osteoporosis, gallbladder problems, rheumatoid arthritis and the list goes on. Keeping to the topic of sexual performance, it is used for increasing energy and sex drive.

Sarsaparilla taking us around the world once more comes from Central America. This has long been used in traditional medicines for boosting sex drive

Boron is a powerful mineral with tons of benefits.  It is used for building strong bones, an aid in building muscle and used to increase testosterone.

Nettle Extract comes from many places across the world. It’s actually considered one of the most nutrient rich herbs.  It has very high flavonoids, carotenoids, Vitamic C, Vitaming B, sterols etc…

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How much does Activatrol cost?

Too many companies in the supplement space don’t have a way to try their products without having to pay the full cost up front. How do you know it’s going to work for you? Netflix gives a trial month, my favorite guitar site gave me a trial month, heck even newspapers do trials (my first job was giving away one month newspaper subscriptions at a call center). The way I see it is that if you believe in your product, put your money where your mouth is. Activatrol is one of those companies that does just that. You pay for the shipping up front and if it doesn’t give you the results you want you cancel.

Activatrol: The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, you add up all the pieces and I say Activatrol Testosterone is a product worth trying. It’s got a great mix of ingredients, made in an FDA registered lab in the USA and the company stands by their product.

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